Air Source Heat Pump Installation

At Mermaid Leisure, we excel in installing air source heat pumps for swimming pools, bringing years of experience and expertise to every project.

When building a new pool, your dedicated project manager will meticulously design and plan your plant room setup, including the heating system. We ensure the optimal positioning, clearances, and bases are in place for your swimming pool heat pump. If you need to replace your current system, our engineers will thoroughly assess the proposed location and prepare the base for your new unit. Our specialised electrical company handles all necessary electrical work, ensuring seamless integration.

One critical consideration for a heat pump swimming pool heater is its performance in varying ambient temperatures. As air temperatures drop, the heat output decreases, so we carefully choose and size your heat pump to handle the lowest expected temperatures. Our all-season models ensure you get the most from your pool year-round.

With Mermaid Leisure, air source heat pump installation is seamless and stress-free. We handle everything from unit specification and positioning to installation, allowing you to simply enjoy your warm pool water. Our efficient heating solutions are perfect for extending the UK swimming season and providing a cost-effective way to heat your pool or swim spa.