Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Owning a swimming pool in the UK requires an efficient and effective heating solution. At Mermaid Leisure, we specialise in specifying and installing air source heat pumps for all our new builds, as well as upgrading existing systems with the latest heat pump technology.

A swimming pool heat pump works like an air conditioning unit in reverse, transferring energy from the surrounding air into the water, to achieve your desired temperature. The fan expels air from the unit while drawing in air over the evaporator coil, transferring heat from the air outside to the refrigerant gas inside the pipes. This gas is then compressed, significantly increasing its temperature, and then passed through a heat exchanger that heats the pool water. Our state-of-the-art swimming pool heat pumps feature digital displays for easy temperature control. Our specialist F-gas registered engineers provide detailed instructions on using your unit and offer yearly servicing to maintain your warranty. 

Enjoy a heated pool year-round with our top-of-the-range air source heat pumps, ensuring your swimming pool with heating remains comfortable and energy-efficient.